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super sad love songs (or, love makes us all losers) – Where dance, music, song and love’s bitter recriminations intersect: a one-night-only performance in NYC on Saturday, February 13th.

About this project Rachel Rizzuto and touche pas present a one-night-only premiere performance of super sad love songs (or, love makes us all losers), a work which curses, mystifies, bemoans and occasionally celebrates that most universal of emotions: Love. At 8 pm on Saturday, February 13th, at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory (104 West 14th Street / 14th

GMP Sponsors: Help fund our advocacy work with government, private sector, and academic stakeholders to grow the music industry in Georgia

It’s Time To Turn Up The Volume on Georgia Music!! Georgia songwriters, musicians, sound engineers, composers and producers enrich our lives. With your help we can advocate to grow all music industry jobs and promote music in Georgia, thus increasing creative opportunities and driving revenue to the state. With your help we can give Georgia’s

Being Palestinian Makes Me Smile – Carnegie Hall – Palestinian comedians in New York City’s famous Carnegie Hall for the FIRST TIME ever! Help us make it happen

As a comedian, I have had the opportunity to perform all over the world.  In the past few years, I have also taken on producing various events around America and Palestine.  For the past three years, I led an annual comedy festival in Dearborn, Michigan at the Arab American National Museum, and in just this

He Knew He Would Say It (But Could He Believe It Again) – A new music theater piece that explores the complexities of queer love using the words of Tennessee Williams set to original music.

THE PROJECT In April 2016, He Knew He Would Say It – But Could He Believe It Again? will be staged at Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana as part of the 30th Anniversary of the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival.  The project, which has been in development over the past two years, was

Grupo GTD afianza su presencia en Colombia con instrucción de su datacenter -El Poblado-

COLOMBIA (BusinessCol, 29 de Enero de 2016) Primer TIER III en Colombia Certificado en Diseño y Construcción

Con una inversión de 20 millones de dólares, la Compañía ofrecerá servicios avanzados y de alta disponibilidad para Cloud Computing, tráfico de voz y datos, almacenamiento crítico de alta disponibilidad y de colocación de sistemas Cloud y procesamiento, tanto para Clientes en Colombia como también, para otros en la región, incluyendo a Chile.

Sentenai – Connecting Intelligent Systems to Data in Real-Time

Sentenai Connecting Intelligent Systems to Data in Real-Time Boston · SaaS · Machine Learning · Cloud Infrastructure · Data   Sentenai is cloud service that connects intelligent systems to the data they need to make better decisions in real-time. Sentenai’s product combines distributed systems and applied machine learning to automatically organize sensor data streams, making

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