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BrightEdge Announces Strong Business Momentum Led by 87% Revenue Growth

Internacional (Marketwired, 22 de Agosto de 2013) Company Unveils Suite of Patents and Expansion of Customer Base

Internacional (Marketwired, 22 de Agosto de 2013) Company Unveils Suite of Patents and Expansion of Customer BaseBrightEdge, the leading platform for science-driven content marketing, today announced significant company momentum at Share13, the premier industry event for digital marketers. BrightEdge reports 87% revenue growth year over year, with an expanding customer base reaching more than 8,400 brands, up from 3,200 brands in 2012. The company's accelerated growth, paired with five new patents, is the foundation for providing brands with the technology and services they need to deliver impactful marketing results across channels, including social, search and mobile.

"Our business continues to grow at an incredible rate and we're excited about our recent $42.8M Series D funding led by Insight Venture Partners, which is opening up new opportunities for us across the board," said Jim Yu, CEO and founder of BrightEdge. "Our strong capital position enables us to invest aggressively in research and development and corporate growth initiatives, so we can continue to provide customers with outstanding service and unrivaled content marketing technology."

BrightEdge continues to demonstrate its accelerating technology leadership with a substantial and steadily growing IP portfolio. Affirming its position at the forefront of innovation, the company has recently patented several technologies that are core to its robust S3 platform. This patented technology is transforming the way marketers practice their craft by helping them to precisely measure the impact of their marketing activities, predict the ROI of their campaigns and evaluate their competitive position.

Newly issued BrightEdge patents include:

Opportunity Identification and Forecasting for Search Engine Optimization, which covers the technology behind forecasting conversions, revenue and ROI from optimizing pages for search.
Operationalizing Search Engine Optimization, which covers the technology behind measuring share of voice for organic search, social, mobile and video, including competitive analysis of share of voice over time.

"I've never worked with a company that is so committed to our success," said Beth Ramshaw, Digital Strategy and Innovation Asia-Pacific Program Lead at HP. "BrightEdge's work with us has been truly exemplary, both in working hand-in-hand as a partner and in providing us with powerful technology to drive measurable business results."

As the BrightEdge customer base continues to grow, its S3 platform has become recognized as a leading content marketing solution and a global standard. BrightEdge counts more than 20,000 active users across the globe, demonstrating strong industry demand for the technology. BrightEdge increasingly sees job descriptions that call for technical expertise in its S3 platform and has developed the BrightEdge Certified Professional Program to help individuals market their skills while empowering brands to hire the best talent. The program is an involved certification that tests users' S3 know-how, presenting those who pass with a "BrightEdge Certified Professional" LinkedIn badge that can be highlighted on the user's profile. BrightEdge will introduce the program at Share13, where more than 250 attendees have signed up to get certified.

As digital marketing is becoming more complex, marketers need to harness technology that will transform content into conversions that drive revenue in a measurable and predictable way. BrightEdge continues to enhance its S3 marketing solution, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to help brands optimize their marketing performance across channels and devices.

About BrightEdge
BrightEdge is the essential content marketing and search platform for modern business. It transforms online content into tangible business results such as traffic, revenue and engagement. BrightEdge's S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. More than 8400 global brands including 3M, Microsoft, Netflix and Nike leverage BrightEdge technology. The company is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York City and London.

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