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Emdat Powers Increased Clinician Productivity and Quick Documentation Turnaround

Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Automated Workflow Capabilities Bring Time-Saving Benefits to Leading Cardiovascular Practice

Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Automated Workflow Capabilities Bring Time-Saving Benefits to Leading Cardiovascular PracticeEmdat, Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions that complement EHR documentation, announced today their unified platform's hybrid approach to documentation returned significant process improvements at Stern Cardiovascular Foundation, a leading cardiovascular research and treatment center in Memphis, Tenn.

Serving 42 providers creating 2.5 million lines of documentation per year, Stern sought improvements in turnaround time not only for the sake of safe and judicious patient care, but also for expedited billing. As their dictation and transcription services solution, Emdat not only lessened complexity by transitioning from three outsourced options to just one, it offered multiple features that dramatically improved clinic workflow, reduced costs and improved provider productivity. 

Transcriptionists on staff enjoyed the productivity benefits of auto-population of patient demographics and easy access to referring physician information. Administrators, meanwhile, made use of Emdat's ability to easily outsource excess transcription work to Emdat's partner Medical Transcription Service Organizations. Existing workflows, interfaces, templates, and technology are unaffected while transcription is consistently returned quickly. Turnaround time went from as high as six weeks to 24 hours — a 1000% improvement.

"With Emdat, we can manage our transcription workload knowing that any fluctuations in staffing won't slow down turnaround time," says Cindy White, Health Information Management. "Overflow is easily routed to ensure continuous speedy service." The Emdat solution not only solved their staffing needs, but also controlled costs by requiring no expansion, license or maintenance fees.

Beyond automating document routing and making workflow management a breeze, Emdat also increased physician productivity and satisfaction through its mobile app. Emdat Mobile allows Stern's providers to fully document encounters using dictation from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Providers can create, edit and authenticate their documentation on Android or Apple iOS mobile devices. Once complete, the data is automatically integrated into the Allscripts EHR, delivering timely updates to the system.

"Emdat Mobile makes it easy to complete my documentation on the go," says Dr. Steven Gubin, President, "I view my schedule, which serves as my 'To Do' list. I tap the appointment, select a template, view any history and start recording. This streamlined approach to documentation is quick and convenient, allowing me to keep pace with my patient workload."

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Emdat, Inc. is a leading supplier of web-based medical documentation solutions. Empowering over 20,000 clinicians globally, Emdat continues its single focus to create sophisticated technology designed to decrease cost and maximize productivity and accuracy of the document creation process while protecting the richness of the clinical narrative. Medical facilities, health care providers and documentation service organizations trust Emdat to provide flexible, user-friendly and cost effective solutions that streamline workflow and easily integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems — automatically populating data — to help ensure successful adoption. Emdat's mobile app allows clinicians to generate documentation from anywhere with a WiFi network or cellular data connection.

Headquartered in Madison, WI, Emdat works with more than 2,600 medical facilities throughout the United States and a network of hundreds of documentation service providers worldwide. More information on Emdat is available at


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