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Mass Relevance and GetGlue Partner to Help Media Companies Increase Viewership

Internacional (Marketwired, 12 de Agosto de 2013) Media Companies Can Now Find, Highlight and Display Exciting GetGlue Content From Their Most Passionate Fans as Real-Time, Interactive Visualizations on Web, Mobile and Social Properties

Internacional (Marketwired, 12 de Agosto de 2013) Media Companies Can Now Find, Highlight and Display Exciting GetGlue Content From Their Most Passionate Fans as Real-Time, Interactive Visualizations on Web, Mobile and Social PropertiesMass Relevance, the technology leader in enabling social experiences, and GetGlue, the go-to social network for TV, movie and sports fans, today announced a strategic partnership that integrates GetGlue as the newest content source on the Mass Relevance platform. Media companies can now tap the passion of the GetGlue community and the power of the Mass Relevance platform to create real-time, interactive social experiences that can be deployed across any consumer touch-point. GetGlue has opened its API to Mass Relevance for third-party curation, offering a new way for media companies to reach and influence their audience anywhere they choose.

"We are laser focused on innovating the product capabilities that our clients need to be successful," said Sam Decker, Co-Founder and CEO of Mass Relevance. "This includes integrating all of the social content sources that are relevant to broadcast networks, publishers, and media networks. GetGlue has a phenomenal fan base in TV, movies and sports, and this partnership advances the industry by allowing media companies to visualize this enthusiastic fan activity and content in all sorts of new and compelling ways."

"Our users are the most engaged fans and influencers in TV, movies and sports," said Evan Krauss, President of GetGlue. "We work with more than 100 network and studio partners to tap into the passion of this community to drive engagement and social activity across the 105 million people we reach each month. We're excited to work with Mass Relevance as a trusted partner who understands how media companies can best leverage social media. Companies now have proven technology to curate and visualize GetGlue content in new, exciting ways that drive engagement and greater viewership."

Mass Relevance Platform — Fueled by GetGlue

GetGlue attracts more than 4 million passionate TV, movie and sports fans who create more than one billion check-ins, ratings and reviews of the programming that defines pop culture. Mass Relevance enables more than 300 clients to discover, integrate and display real-time social content with live and scripted programs as well as marketing campaigns. The Mass Relevance client base includes the big four TV networks, as well as the top four most social TV shows on broadcast TV and the top five most social single TV telecasts.

The integration of GetGlue as a source within the Mass Relevance Platform provides a new, effective way for media companies to evangelize shows and increase viewership through social participation. Media companies using the integrated solution are able to quickly find any conversations related to shows happening on GetGlue and filter on any check-ins, posts, reviews, comments — and associated images and videos. Exciting content from passionate fans can be highlighted and displayed on any property or device to supercharge social TV, web properties or other brand touchpoints — and can be monetized through sponsorship. Media companies can choose from out-of-the-box visualizations that include a wide variety of counters, streams, polls, and galleries.

Mass Relevance is the first Certified Twitter partner licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content for display (announced in 2011), and additionally curates social content from Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Media companies can now choose to display GetGlue fan-generated content — photos, comments and videos — with content from our other supported sources to create the most engaging visual experiences to evangelize their shows and promote viewership.

About Mass Relevance

Based in Austin, Texas, Mass Relevance helps brands, media and agencies get more from their social media efforts by building social experiences into their marketing strategy. More than 300 major brands, sports teams, publishers and broadcasters trust the Mass Relevance SaaS platform to create real-time consumer engagement by aggregating, filtering, and re-displaying content from any social network to any digital property. In the past two and a half years, Mass Relevance has delivered more than 30 billion pieces of social content to multiple digital surfaces for world-class brands such as Pepsi, Campbell's, GE, Target, Walgreens and Microsoft. Mass Relevance has also supported iconic events like the Super Bowl and Academy Awards, launches such as The Avengers and Madonna MDNA, and television phenoms American Idol, X-Factor, 80 Plates and The Voice.

The company is privately held with venture capital funding. For more information, please visit the company's website at, or view the following videos: Mass Relevance overview [] // Brand overview [] // Media overview [] // Product Studio: [].

About GetGlue

GetGlue is a social TV leader, with 4 million registered users and 1 billion data points. GetGlue offers a personalized guide for TV, movies and sports, to help users discover what to watch. Users can also check-in and share what they are watching with friends, discover content around their favorite shows and unlock rewards from GetGlue partners.

GetGlue is founded by Alex Iskold, and based in New York City. Over 75 major television networks and 25 movie partners use GetGlue to promote their shows and movies to fans. The company has received funding from Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, Time Warner Investments, Rho Ventures and a number of prominent angel investors.

For more information visit: