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Mobile Game Publisher Yodo1 Expands Beyond China Announces Global Publishing Platform for Worldwide Game Distribution for Developers

Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Yodo1's First Global Title BonusXP's Cavemania to Be Commercially Available in the Fall

Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Yodo1's First Global Title BonusXP's Cavemania to Be Commercially Available in the FallYodo1 (, a leading publisher of Western smartphone games to China's 500 million iOS/Android market, today officially announced it will also publish select games to the global mobile market as well. In mid-September, mobile gamers around the world will get a chance to play Yodo's first global title: Cavemania, an innovative "match three meets Age of Empires" game from BonusXP, the Dallas studio led by veteran game developers Dave Pottinger, John Evanson, and Jason Sallenbach. The trio made their mark as leads and directors on the classic Age of Empires along with Halo Wars and other hit titles.

Cavemania heralds Yodo1's expansion from publishing games in China, where it's already earned 50 million players in under a year, to the world's other top smartphone markets, including the US and Canada, Japan, across the EU, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Russia. Starting mid-September with Cavemania, gamers can get Yodo1's free-to-play games in these markets and others via Apple's App Store, and for Android via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. As with its China-published games, Yodo1 will partner as co-developers with selected studios to optimize their games' monetization channels, handle the app store submission process, share in the design/artistic/programming resources, and aggressively market these apps through media outlets, social media, cross-promotion, and partner advertising networks. Yodo1 global publishing is led by Jung Suh, lead developer of several hit iOS games, co-founder of Gamefly, and former executive with Activision and Electronic Arts. Game developers worldwide are now welcome to submit their titles for consideration on Yodo1's new website through the contact page.

"We designed Cavemania's irreverent style to pull people in, but the strategic depth and replay value seal the deal," says Dave Pottinger, explaining why his studio chose Yodo1 as the game's publisher. "BonusXP is full of dedicated, passionate people. The whole Yodo1 team won us over by loving Cavemania as much as we do. Henry and Jung share our 'GAME COMES FIRST' focus and made us feel like part of their family, which is all too rare in this business."

Yodo1 CEO and co-founder Henry Fong believes Cavemania is a fresh new variation on the match three game that stands a very good chance of gaining both mid-core and casual players: "We've seen a lot of variations on the match three genre with jewels, candy, and so on," says Fong, "So we love how the BonusXP team re-imagined that mechanic by adding resource management, playable heroes, combat, and a lot of other features which made Age of Empires so great."

This announcement comes as Yodo1 shoots past 50 million active users in the China market, just 12 months after launching its publishing platform, and releasing over 40 hit titles in China, including Chinese editions of Cut the Rope: Time Travel from Zeptolab and Ski Safari from Defiant Development, which currently rank in China's top app charts. (Full list of Yodo1-published hits here, under "Hits & Featured Games".) 

"We've learned a lot about the China market to reach 50 million players in less than a year," says Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong. "With a user growth run rate of over 10 million new players per month, we're eager to apply our knowledge and platform on a global level."

Yodo1's platform includes Kryptanium, the company's proprietary Games-as-a-Service community SDK, which enables developers (both publishing partners and third party developers) to create, manage, and grow their userbase through discussion boards, screenshot sharing, notifications, rewards, and cross-promotion, all within the same in-game experience. Already used by several closed beta developers to grow their games' engagement rates, Kryptanium goes into open beta very soon — go here to the site for more information and to request early invite access.

After Cavemania, Yodo1 will publish many other titles to Android and iOS app stores worldwide, including a new multi-touch physics combat game, a tower defense PvP hybrid, and a multi-touch hardcore arcade shooter — more details on each coming very soon.

About Yodo1
Yodo1 is a leading publishing platform which helps game developers gain traction and monetize in China and everywhere else mobile games are played. Staffed by a team of experienced engineers, creative artists, game designers, and global market experts, Yodo1's platform includes Kryptanium, an in-game community SDK for developers who want to sustain growth and engagement. Yodo1 has co-developed hit titles with leading game developers including ZeptoLab (Russia), Robot Entertainment (Texas), XMG Studio (Toronto), Defiant Development (Australia), and HandyGames (Germany). Founded in 2011, Yodo1 is based in Beijing with a presence in San Francisco. For more information, please visit and follow Yodo1 on Twitter at


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