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RedSeal Networks Continues to Record Exponential Business Growth Across Federal Agencies With Continuous Monitoring Solutions for Network Security

Internacional (Marketwired, 26 de Agosto de 2013) One of the Largest Burdens in FISMA Compliance Lifted Through Automation

Internacional (Marketwired, 26 de Agosto de 2013) One of the Largest Burdens in FISMA Compliance Lifted Through AutomationRedSeal Networks, the leader in network infrastructure security management, today announced record business growth in the U.S. Federal sector, driven by their breakthrough technology to deliver Continuous Monitoring in network security. Continuing to build on its track record of success in the public sector, some of RedSeal Networks notable highlights include:

Led by the hiring of industry veteran Kimberly Baker as Vice President of Federal, RedSeal Networks expanded its Federal team by 300% in January 2013
In each of the past three years, RedSeal Networks' U.S. Federal business has grown by more than 100% year-over-year
RedSeal Networks includes as its customers over three dozen agencies across Defense, Civilian and Intelligence departments
RedSeal Networks maintains one of the industry's strongest collections of partners who specialize in security and networking products and services and focus on serving the public sector including SMS, MAD Security, TSPi, VAE, and others
Honored by Homeland Security Today as one of the "Top Ten Tech Innovators of 2013"
In July 2013, the United States Postal Service received the "Best Practice and Implementation" award at the MeriTalk Cyber Security Confidence Awards for its work with RedSeal Networks to manage the security posture of one of the nation's most complex networks.
In August 2013, RedSeal Networks was among the select security technology providers awarded the highly coveted $6 billion Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) contract.

Continuous Monitoring is defined as a key component of the NIST Risk Management Framework. It is now the required approach across Federal agencies, who must demonstrate that they have solid configuration control, impact analysis for changes, and assessment and reporting on the controls. When it comes to security management of network infrastructure, the RedSeal 6 platform is increasingly recognized as a turn-key solution for these risk management challenges.

"Federal agencies face both the most rapacious attackers, and the highest oversight burdens, and all while fulfilling nationally important missions over complex IT infrastructures," said Parveen Jain, CEO of Red Seal Networks. "Continuous Monitoring, as defined by NIST, is the right idea at the right time, and is driving agencies to adopt deeper automation."

Civilian, military and intelligence agencies all face the burden of escalating attacks, and the parallel burden of FISMA compliance. In the past, FISMA reporting has been pure overhead, generating reams of paperwork that were not increasing defensive strength at all, and were out of date by the time they are printed. The government-wide emphasis on Continuous Monitoring is an effective way to close the gap between security and audits, forcing agencies of all sizes to adopt automation, so they can achieve meaningful situational awareness and make risk-based decisions.

Jain added, "With over three dozen agencies as our customers in all major government departments, a significant partnership with In-Q-Tel, and a key platform for the automation of risk-based management, we continue to double our year-over-year government business. We are proud to be recognized as a cornerstone of the defensive toolkits of some of the nation's largest and most complex networks."

Agencies that deploy RedSeal's solution for Continuous Monitoring see gains in four main areas. First, they can automate the generation of required network maps, and obtain direct pointers to ease the process of gathering missing information. Second, all network equipment can be continuously checked for syntax-level compliance, delivering a key part of the FISMA mandate. Third, the network as a whole can be reviewed daily or faster to ensure all zone-based controls are maintained as the environment changes, which steps up to a stronger level of Continuous Monitoring. Fourth, the process of risk assessment is automated, using attack simulation to provide day to day feedback on which defensive gaps cause the most risk.

"SMS specializes in and has been selling networking and information security products for over twenty years and the RedSeal 6 platform is one of the most exciting products we have carried," said Luis Laranjeira, EVP of Business Development of SMS, Inc. "In our view, Continuous Monitoring begins with RedSeal with their highly effective solutions for proactive security and compliance on an on-going basis. We look forward to a highly rewarding partnership with RedSeal to provide solutions to our government customers who solve problems that are critical to our national infrastructure protection."

The RedSeal 6 platform is deployed at the largest government agencies and enterprises around the world to help security professionals discover and remedy infrastructure security gaps in their networks before the hackers exploit those to launch cyber-threats. The platform continuously visualizes key points of potential security breach, non-compliance, and attack risk in complex enterprise security infrastructure to prioritize remedial actions.

About RedSeal Networks
RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of network infrastructure security management solutions that continuously provides network visualization and identify critical attack risk and non-compliance in complex security infrastructure. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where investment is needed, and where greatest cyber-attack risks lie. This understanding, or "security intelligence," enables organizations to allocate resources where needed most, embed best practice into daily operations, and take prioritized action where needed. The world's largest government and commercial organizations use RedSeal security intelligence to build world-class operations that systematically reduce attack risk over time.

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