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The Social Marketing Stack Gets WeatherSmart

Internacional (Marketwired, 26 de Agosto de 2013) Industry Leaders Brand Networks and Planalytics Team Up to Deliver Smarter Social Marketing Through Weather Intelligence

Internacional (Marketwired, 26 de Agosto de 2013) Industry Leaders Brand Networks and Planalytics Team Up to Deliver Smarter Social Marketing Through Weather IntelligenceBrand Networks, a leading provider of integrated social software solutions and digital marketing services, today announced that it has partnered with Planalytics, Inc., the leading global source of Business Weather Intelligence. Brand Networks' Social Marketing Stack™ has been integrated with Planalytics' WeatherSmart(SM) Marketing technology to fuse actionable weather analytics and social media. Marketers will now have the ability to tailor their strategies according to advanced weather insights and hyper-responsive, hyper-local, social marketing capabilities, Brand Networks' specialty.

"Weather has an enormous impact on retail businesses' operations, inventory decisions and ultimately sales," said Jamie Tedford, CEO and founder of Brand Networks. "However, retail marketers have lacked real-time and hyper-local advertising vehicles to make weather intelligence work at scale. The Social Marketing Stack with WeatherSmart changes all that for our clients."

Planalytics is the pioneer and premier source of Business Weather Intelligence which translates raw weather data into powerful insights that clients use to increase sales, improve margins and capture greater market share. Weather data alone does not account for the unique attributes of geography, product/service, time of the year and other variables (e.g. gender, age, etc.) that influence demand. Planalytics' comprehensive market-by-market weather-driven demand models, which are based on years of actual category sales data, reveal a more complicated, nuanced and accurate picture of how weather affects consumer buying behavior. Weather projections layered over these detailed demand signatures enable Planalytics to clearly identify the best opportunities for marketers.

Brand Networks' Social Marketing Stack harnesses the power of paid, owned and earned media through one technology solution, integrating ads, apps, publishing and insights. By integrating Planalytics, the stack will provide marketers with data-driven recommendations for content publishing and advertising amplification based on local weather triggers.

"We have always provided our customers with advanced weather insights that help maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks presented by changing weather," said Frederic Fox, CEO and Co-founder of Planalytics. "Now, we're able to help them translate this intelligence into smart social media and marketing decisions which drive exponential sales in-store and online."

About Brand Networks
Brand Networks is a leading provider of integrated social software solutions and digital marketing services for the world's most liked brands. Brand Networks delivers enterprise-ready social applications with its Social Marketing Stack™, which harnesses the integrated power of social networks to generate stories at scale, build brand loyalty and foster more profitable customer relationships. As a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, Brand Networks is one of a small number of companies to be awarded all four PMD badges: Ads, Pages, Apps and Insights. Brand Networks is also a LinkedIn Certified Developer Partner, selected for delivering engaging experiences on the LinkedIn platform. Brand Networks is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Rochester, and Toronto. For more information, please visit

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About Planalytics
Planalytics, Inc. is the singular global source of Business Weather Intelligence — the actionable information companies need to understand and optimize the impact of weather on their business. Powered by an unparalleled database of weather's financial and volumetric impacts, proprietary forecasting technologies and market-specific expertise, Planalytics' Business Weather Intelligence enables retailers, restaurant chains, consumer goods/services suppliers and companies across many other industries to effectively shape strategies, pinpoint opportunities and make more profitable decisions. For more information, visit


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